The Dugout Lounge

Chief attraction of the Dugout Lounge, other than the only indoor plumbing available in Happy Valley, is the baseball lore and local color of its attendant, the former bat and ball boy of the Skippers, Roy “Stretch” Knobbs.

After serving a few innings at the Dannemora “farm club” for “turning two” with the McNulty twins at the Skippers ballpark, ¬†Stretch was paroled to Pops care and indentured servitude.

Oddly enough, Stretch was given his nickname by the Skipper ball club long before being sent down to Dannemora. Though his old teammates are reticent to discuss the origins of his nickname, there are hints it has do with a physical attribute or condition.

Those willing and able to withstand Stretch’s toothless sidelong leers are treated to old fashioned clubhouse banter of the Skippers in their heyday:

“That’s a lot of lumber, a man might want to choke up on it before steppin’ into the box.”

“You might want to consider a Ty Cobb grip on that hunk of wood”

“Ain’t got no talc, but the rosin and pine tar are free. ¬†Just don’t be George Brettin’ it.”

“Did you cork that, Mister?”

“Retaping that handle is extra.”

“Don’t be roundin’ third til I give you the sign”.

“Looks like you might hit clean up.”

“Looks like you had to dig that one out deep in the hole.”