About Foul Pops – The Restaurant

From little acorns great oaks grow… Few would suspect that today’s sprawling oak, the Foulpops complex, has its roots humble soil.

Pops originally hoped to open a simple restaurant in Cooperstown to rival The Shortstop, but unproven allegations, unsympathetic locals and the baseball establishment forced him to locate in Happy Valley, east of Cooperstown. In the friendlier, less judgmental surroundings of Happy Valley, unoppressed by overzealous, do-gooder health inspectors, Pops opened his restaurant after returning from an unfortunate scouting assignments in Havana and the Bay of Pigs.

Soon after opening, Pops was catering to Happy Valley’s elite and was the toast of the town. A lesser man might have been content with the notoriety and success of a high class sports restaurant, but not Pops! Ever the Humanitarian, and never one to forget where he came from or who cleated him along the way, Pops opened the Bush League Terrace annex in 1964 for those in a slump and unable to afford the gourmet fair at his restaurant.

The Bush League Terrace, or BLT, as it is affectionately known by its habitués, is located in the alley behind the restaurant. redistributes leftovers from the restaurant to Pops old teammates and other Happy Valley indigents. Most days, the BLT is busier than the restaurant, and all of Happy Valley’s citizens have dined there at one time or another.

Never one to rest on his laurels or assets, Pop opened The Locker Room – A Gentleman’s Club and its beloved Dugout Lounge in 1965.

To round out the unique Southern Tier baseball experience,  and right wrongs of an unsympathetic sports press, Pops has created the Wall of Shame honoring those called out or caught stealing one too many times.